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Chuck's Garage Lansing performs Kia repair in Lansing MI.

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We Work on new late modem and older Kia Models.

We service all Kia models including:

Cars: Optima, Cadenza, K900, Rio, Forte
SUVs: Sorento, Soul, Sportage
Minivans: Sedona

Kia repair shop in Lansing, MI
All Kia service and repair shop in Lansing, MI.


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  • Specialized tools and equipment
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  • Complete Kia repair near Lansing MI
  • Complete Kia service shop near Lansing MI
  • Warranty safe Kia repair
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Chuck's Garage is your specialist Kia repair shop Lansing MI

Kia Problems

Although Kia can have a low purchase price the cost of maintenance can be expensive due to large number of problems and high parts cost from the dealer. We always try to find aftermarket parts that are equal quality with a lower cost.

Common Kia Problems

Rapid Coolant Deterioration
Problem: Extended life coolant prematurely deteriorates and requires cooling system service before the recommended service time. Causes premature water pump failure, radiator failure, heater core failure, heater valve failure, coolant hose failure.
Repair: Coolant replacement every 2 years, Kia water pump replacement, Kia radiator replacement, Kia heater core replacement, Kia heater valve replacement, Kia coolant hose  replacement.

Manual Transmission Shifting Problem
Problem: Difficulty shifting gears especially first gear and third gear. Usually caused by transmission bearing failure. Can also be caused by worn clutch.
Repair: Kia manual transmission repair, Kia clutch replacement.

Front Axle Oil Leak
Problem: Kia trans-axle may develop an oil leak from one or both axle seals.
Repair: May require replacement of inner axle housing and axle seal replacement. Recommend both left and right front axle seal replacement.

Engine Noise on Startup
Problem: Kia worn timing chain tensioner causing engine noise on vehicle startup. Engine is excessively noisy on startup after the engine has been off for several hours. Noise typically lasts more than four or five seconds. Can be caused by low oil level, low engine oil pressure, or defective timing chain tensioner.
Repair: If engine oil level and engine oil pressure are correct replace engine timing chain tensioner.

Kia AC Compressor Clutch Failure
Problem: A defective AC compressor clutch assembly can cause excessive noise or vibration when the air conditioning is on.
Repair: Kia AC compressor clutch replacement cost varies greatly depending on the model. Best to contact us for a Kia AC compressor clutch replacement estimate.

Kia No Start Problem
Problem: Kia starting difficulty may be caused by a defective vehicle immobilizer (anti-theft) control module.
Repair: No Start Diagnosis to identify problem. Kia immobilizer anti-theft control module replacement.

Kia Sluggish Acceleration
Problem: Kia accelerator position switch may fail intermittently resulting in sluggish acceleration or lack of power.
Repair: General Diagnosis and  Accelerator Position Switch replacement.

Kia Ignition Coil Failure
Problem: Engine misfire may develop due to failed ignition coil. Each engine cylinder has a separate coil. If one coil fails it is wise to replace the complete set of ignition coils.
Repair: Diagnosis of engine misfire and ignition coil replacement.

Kia Timing Chain Tensioner Noise on Engine Startup
Problem: Engine is excessively noisy on startup after the engine has been off for several hours. If the noise lasts more than four or five seconds after startup, turn off the engine and check for correct engine oil level. If the oil level is correct, the noise is most likely caused by the timing chain tensioner.
Repair: Kia timing chain tensioner replacement with new improved parts.

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