Pothole Vehicle Damage Repair Lansing Michigan

Michigan pothole damage is a well know driving hazard in Lansing MI. Your vehicle can suffer major damage from hitting potholes.

And pot hole damage is not always obvious and can be a big safety hazard.

It’s very important to get a vehicle inspection as soon as possible to identify and address any problems. We would be happy to put your vehicle on the hoist, give it a pothole damage inspection, and a free estimate of repair.

Lansing Pothole Vehicle Damage

If you hit a Michigan pothole damage to your car can range from steering system damage, wheel alignment problem, broken or bent wheel rim, tire puncture, tire blowout, exhaust damage, muffler damage, damaged control arm, broken strut, broken shock absorber, engine oil pan damage, or transmission oil pan damage.

Sometimes hitting a pothole will cause body damage or even cause a windshield crack if the impact is severe enough. Damage can range from vehicle structural damage such as bend frame, or just cosmetic damage. We can recommend a body shop or a glass replacement shop.

Lansing pothole car damage repair
Lansing pothole car damage repair - damaged lower control arm and broken ball-joint

Signs of Pothole Damage

Often pothole damage is not immediately obvious. Just a slight change in wheel alignment will quickly wear your tires out. It is best to have your car inspected as soon as possible to prevent costly repairs.

Typical Pothole Damage

Wheel alignment is the most common vehicle repair after hitting a pothole.

Lansing Pothole Vehicle Damage List

Tire Damage: When you hit a pothole your tire can be compressed so hard the impact cuts the tire or breaks the tire's internal belts that hold the tire together. Cars with high performance, low-profile tires are particularly prone to pothole damage. This pothole impact tire damage can cause a flat tire, tire blowout, a wheel balance problem, or tire vibration, or wheel rim damage. All very serious safety hazards! Contact us for tire repair and tire replacement.

Lansing pothole tire damage repair
Lansing pothole tire damage repair - pothole impact tire blowout

Wheel Rim Damage: On most vehicles today, the rims are aluminum which are not as strong as a steel wheel. Hitting a deep pothole at high speed can lead to bent rim or cracked rim. The rim will need to be repaired or in some cases replaced with a new rim.

Pothole wheel rim damage Lansing MI
Lansing Pothole wheel rim damage
  • Wheel alignment: minor adjustments can usually correct settings that have moved due to hitting a pothole. If you notice your steering wheel is off-center, your car pulls in one direction, the handling feels loose, and your tires wear unevenly you should get a car wheel alignment check.
  • Suspension Damage: Vehicle suspension is designed to absorb road surface impacts and provide a smooth ride. But a sudden, jarring impact with potholes can cause a variety of suspension problems, including wheel alignment, steering problems, broken ball joints, and damaged shock, damaged strut repair, or bent shock absorber. Unusual vibrations and sounds, wandering steering, poor ride quality, or the vehicle leaning to one side can indicate suspension pothole damage.
    Pothole strut damage repair Lansing MI
    Pothole damaged front suspension strut
    Pothole damaged shock absorber Lansing MI
    Lansing MI pothole damaged bent shock absorber
  • Exhaust System Damage: Exhaust pipes, tail pipes, exhaust flex joints, muffler, or catalytic converter can all suffer pothole exhaust damage. When you hit a pothole you car can be slammed down onto the road and damage the exhaust under your vehicle. This damage is common on sports cars that have little ground clearance. If you hear strange noises after hitting a pothole, or your exhaust sounds louder, you should have an undercar pothole damage inspection. Also, a leaking exhaust system can let exhaust fumes into the vehicle creating a serious health hazard.
    Before and after of pothole exhaust damage repair Lansing MI
    Before and after of pothole exhaust damage repair Lansing MI
  • Undercarriage: Potholes can cause damage to under-vehicle parts such as brake lines, fuel lines, parking brake cables, engine oil sump, transmission oil sump, and differential oil sumps, and driveshafts. Generally, the lower a car is to the ground the more likely to be damaged by a pothole. Sports and low riding cars that hit potholes can damage low-hanging bumpers, air spoilers, air dams, or side skirts. Usually repair of these parts are done by an auto body shop.
    Pothole oil pan damage repair Lansing MI
    Before and after of pothole oil pan damage repair Lansing MI
  • Radiator: Sometimes even the radiator can be damaged. If you notice any leaking fluids after hitting a pothole you should have you car towed to a repair shop!
    Before and after of pothole radiator damage repair Lansing MI
    Pothole caused radiator damage repair Lansing MI. Notice coolant leak!

When you hit a pothole Chuck's Garage Lansing recommends getting a complete under vehicle pothole vehicle damage inspection so that pothole problems can be caught before they become serious safety or major vehicle repair problems.

How to Avoid Pothole Damage

Often it is just not possible to avoid hitting a pothole. But there are a few things you can do to minimize the chance of damaging your vehicle:

  • Keep tires inflated to manufacturer’s recommended tire air pressure (see owner's manual). Properly inflated tires give your wheel rims the best protection from potholes. But beware of over–inflating tires since tires that are too hard cannot absorb pothole impact as well.
  • Leave maneuvering room between your car and the vehicle in front of you. This allows you to better see and avoid potholes.
  • Slow down. When it’s dark or during bad weather, it’s difficult to avoid a pothole. Avoiding pothole damage has a much lower car pothole damage repair cost.

Schedule an appointment for a complete pothole damage inspection and repair at Chuck's Garage Lansing MI.

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