About Chuck's Garage Lansing

Chuck's Garage began in an old small hut type shop on the north side of Lansing back in the early 1990’s. The growing business then moved to the present St. Joseph Street location in 2000. This much larger facility provided additional space for the equipment and shop space needed to repair both cars and trucks. Chuck Price, the original owner, had a reputation for operating a very reliable auto repair shop. He trained his technicians to perform the job right the first time. Chuck set a high standard for quality work and double checked and personally verified that each vehicle was repaired correctly before given back to the customer.

Footsteps of Success

Chuck's Garage Lansing was started 2 years after Chuck Price had passed away. In January 2009 the original Chuck's shop closed down and I knew I could bring it back to its former great reputation. I had been successfully running my other shop, Spartan Tire & Service, a 10 bay auto repair shop on the south side of Lansing MI, since 1992 and saw the Chuck's shop as a great opportunity. My 17 years of success at Spartan Tire proved I knew how to run a good repair shop so my wife and I decided to take the risk.

Chuck's Today

The shop was re-opened under the "Chuck's Garage II" name with the goal of following Chuck Price's original business practice of running a great shop that takes care of their customers. A few years ago we changed the name to 'Chuck's Garage Lansing' to be more Internet friendly. We are following Chuck's original mission of combining lots of hard work with integrity to make sure your vehicle is repaired correctly within your budget.

Chuck's Garage Lansing auto repair shop in Lansing MI

Happy Customers

We always have another Technician double check our work before a vehicle is returned to the customer. Chuck always did this and the reason still applies today - very happy customers. We understand it is very difficult to be with out your car while it is being repaired. We sure don’t want to inconvenience you because the job wasn't performed correctly the first time.

Skilled Technicians

Certified auto repair technicians at Chuck's Garage Lansing are highly skilled and have many years of experience and training to repair all types of cars and trucks. We have a team that has a wide range of experience that we use everyday to work on our customer's vehicles. Some have worked on farms growing up. Others grew up tinkering with computers and electronics. The common element is a life long passion for vehicles and technical problem solving. And we are constantly training on the rapidly changing auto technologies to ensure we perform repairs correctly.

High Tech Tools

Great skills also need quality tools and equipment to perform top quality auto repairs. Cars and trucks are so much more complex and require advanced testing and repair tools. Each year we update our diagnostic equipment and software.

Home Town Service

We are a local auto repair shop. Local people, providing home town service. We are not a chain store trying to take all your money. We will work with you to provide the best possible auto repairs that fits your budget.

Dave Dainton

Chuck's Garage Lansing
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