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Dead car battery? Need flat battery jump start? Battery test? Automotive battery replacement service near Lansing, MI.

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About Our Battery Service

Our automotive battery service will quickly show if your vehicle battery is able to reliability start and keep your vehicle running without problems.

What is included:

  1. Visual inspection of battery case, battery support, battery hold-down, battery terminals, battery cables, and electrolyte level.

  2. Battery capacity test.

  3. Charge system test.

  4. Clean battery terminals.

  5. Anti-corrosion sealing of cable ends.

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About Battery Capacity Test Service

Unsure if you have a car battery problem? We can perform a battery capacity test to verify your battery is good. A battery test is also a good way to prevent a no-start breakdown.

If your battery capacity test is good, we recommend a battery service. Dirty corroded battery terminals and battery cable corrosion cause slow engine cranking starting problems, dim headlights, battery charging problems.

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About Our Battery Replacement Service

If you need a car battery replacement near Lansing, MI we can help you select a new battery that meets your vehicle manufacturer's specifications and your vehicle use requirements at a price that meets your budget. Then we will recycle your old battery in an environmentally safe way.

We sell high quality AC Delco and MotorCraft Batteries. We can quickly get batteries for all common vehicle makes and models and provide fast battery replacement in the Lansing, MI area.

What is included with our Battery Replacement Service:

  1. Visual inspection of battery support, battery hold-down, battery terminals, and battery cable end.

  2. Clean battery terminals.

  3. Clean battery cable ends.

  4. Charging system test.

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Battery Replacement Cost

Need an automotive car battery price in Lansing MI? Please request an estimate for automotive car battery price, auto battery replacement, auto battery service, or auto battery capacity test. Our service advisors and technicians will be happy to answer your battery service questions and provide information on the best battery value for your vehicle usage.

Battery Failure Causes

Car battery failure and no-start is the #1 cause of vehicle breakdowns. The main reasons for a dead car battery are leaving the headlights on, cold weather, and simply an old battery. Also, if your vehicle has a charging system problem the battery will rapidly discharge and fail.

Battery Life

The average automotive battery lasts between three and five years. Battery life depends on battery quality, vehicle use, weather, and how many times the battery has been drained until it will no longer start the engine.

On average every time the headlights are left on without the engine running and the battery is run dead the battery life is shortened by one year! On average once your battery reaches three years old it is reaching the end of its reliable life. Leave the headlights on a couple times and your battery will fail much sooner than it should!

Hot & Cold

Cold & hot temperature extremes are hard on batteries. Cold winter conditions place extreme loads on the battery. And hot summer temperatures can damage a battery and result in premature battery failure.

Part of a pre-winter maintenance service should be a battery capacity test. A battery test will provide a good indication if the battery is strong enough to get you through the winter without failing.

Since modern vehicles are so dependent on electrical power for their computers having a good battery is essential for vehicle reliability.

When Battery Service Is Needed

How do I know I need a battery service?

  • Your battery is 3 to 4 years old (the average car battery life).

  • You notice the engine cranks slowly, struggling to turn over.

  • Check Engine warning light on your dashboard.

  • Headlights dim when you turn on the heater and windshield wipers.

  • Corrosion fuzz forming around your battery terminals.

We recommend an automotive battery service every fall in preparation for winter cold weather.

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Auto Battery FAQ

Frequently asked questions about automotive battery service and replacement.

When Is A Battery Test Needed?

A car battery is considered “dead” when there is not enough charge energy to start the engine, or run electrical accessories. Typically, the first sign of a weak battery is dim interior lights, and if the engine cranks slowly, or not at all. A very rapid starter solenoid clicking noise can sometimes be heard if there is minimal energy remaining in the battery. If the battery is losing charge while driving the vehicle, the battery warning light will light up, and the engine may quit from a lack of electrical power needed for it to run.

Can I Drive With A Bad Battery?

It depends. If the charging system is working correctly you can usually drive the vehicle after jump starting and giving it time to warm up and charge the battery enough to ensure the vehicle doesn't stall. Fifteen minutes is usually enough unless the battery is damaged. Do not turn the vehicle off until the battery is fully charged.

Please note that some vehicles have a minimum battery voltage limit and will shut down if the battery drops below this voltage level. If the jumper cables are removed too soon after the engine starts it could quit running.

It is recommended to leave the jumper cables connected to the dead battery for 15 minutes after jump starting with the second vehicle running so that it can get a minimum charge. The vehicle should be driven a minimum of 30 minutes to charge the battery or take it to an auto repair shop and have the battery fully charged and tested.

What Causes Car Battery Failure?

Battery age, discharge to low level, charging system problem, vehicle under-hood temperatures, vehicle vibrations, and extreme cold and hot climate conditions damage the internal parts of a battery, shortening battery life.

Why Is Car Battery Service Needed?

With battery failure being the number-one cause of vehicle breakdowns, routine battery inspection and battery maintenance provides confidence that your vehicle will start and run reliably.

How Often Do I Need A Car Battery Inspection?

The average car battery life is about four years if the battery system is regularly maintained. We recommend you have your battery system inspected, serviced, and tested once per year as part of the pre-winter service. If you live in an area of temperature extremes of cold winters and hot summers your battery should be serviced twice per year as part of the pre-summer service and pre-winter service.

What Are Common Battery Problem Warning Signs?

  • You have to jump start your vehicle to get it running.

  • Your Check Engine Light or Charge warning light on.

  • Engine cranks over slowly, or not at all.

  • Slow engine cranking when cold and cranks easily when warm.

How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

The average battery life is four years. Battery quality, vehicle use, climate conditions, and battery maintenance all affect battery life. Inexpensive batteries may only last two or three years in cold temperatures, and a high quality battery that is well maintained can last as long as seven years.

Charge System Tests Good. Battery Still Goes Dead

Vehicle battery function depends on its ability to be recharged, and its ability to hold a charge. As the battery ages its ability to accept and retain a charge decreases. Your charging system may not be able to charge the battery or the battery may not be able to hold or keep the charge energy.

What Drains A Car Battery?

Vehicle batteries drain in two main ways. First, something in the vehicle is drawing energy from the battery. This can be anything from listening to the radio when the engine is not running, to leaving the headlights on without the engine running. Second, a charging system problem like an alternator problem can cause the battery to be drained even with the engine running. A battery test and a charging system test can pinpoint the cause of a battery drain.

What Size Car Battery Do I Need?

Vehicle manufacturers specify the physical size and group of the battery. Within each battery group there are a variety of capacities.

Battery capacity is specified for your vehicle year, make, model, engine size, electrical accessories, and the environment it operates in. If you are unsure of your vehicle’s battery requirements contact us and we can check the original equipment (OE) manufacturer’s recommendations and make a recommendation based on your vehicle use and local conditions.

In the Lansing, MI area we recommend installing a high quality, heavy duty battery. This area experiences severe cold temperatures and heavy snow fall which places high demands on a battery when you drive with headlights, windscreen wipers, heater blower and air conditioning running to defog windows. All these accessories can quickly, and repeatedly discharge a battery, especially in slow stop and go traffic, which greatly shortens battery life.

If you have any questions about battery service and battery replacement please contact us.

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