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Ever wonder how brake repair shops know what to charge for a brake service when they haven't inspected your vehicle? They don't. They either do a sub-standard brake repair to stay under their brake repair cost estimate, or they disassemble your vehicle then raise their initial low brake repair price. Do you want to trust your safety or wallet to those poor business practices?

We believe you can only tell what a brake job will cost after a simple, but thorough, inspection of the brake system. You really do get what you pay for...

There is a big quality difference in brake repair. At Chuck's Garage Lansing your vehicle's brake service will include:

  1. Test Drive - Your vehicle is taken for a test drive to detect any brake problem.

  2. Complete Brake Inspection - We remove all four wheels and visually inspect brakes including the parking brakes. The results are documented and explained to you.

  3. Rotors Inspected and Measured - Thickness of all rotors is measured and verified to be within minimum thickness limits. Rotor runout is measured to check for overheating and warping which can cause brake pedal pulsation or the steering wheel to shake when the vehicle stops. The rotor vanes, or cooling fins, are checked for mud and rust. Clogged vanes could affect the rotors' ability to remove heat from the brakes and cause premature wear.

  4. Price Quote - An accurate written quote, not just an estimate, is given on what is required to do a safe, licensed auto repair technician approved brake repair.

  5. Brake Fluid Replacement (if needed) - old brake fluid in the master cylinder, brake lines, and brake cylinders is flushed and replaced. This is very important to extent the life of expensive ABS brake system parts.

  6. Wheel Hub Cleaning - Dirt and rust build-up is cleaned from the hub, bearings cleaned, inspected, and grease replaced (where required).

  7. Brake Hardware - Cleaned, inspected, lubricated, or replaced when necessary. Important to the smooth function and longevity of brake parts (a common short-cut on low cost/quality brake service is to skip this).

  8. Torque All Wheel Lugs - The wheels are put back on, each wheel nut is tighten to the proper specification. This is important to avoid brake vibration problems, brake shake, and brake chatter.

  9. Test Drive After Repairs - Your vehicle is test driven by a technician to insure proper brake operation and brake pad brake-in. This is our quality assurance inspection and insures a safe vehicle brakes.

  10. After Repair Report - explanation of all work performed and parts replaced are displayed.

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How Brakes Work

When you press down on the brake pedal, brake fluid is sent from the master cylinder, located under the hood of your vehicle, through brake fluid lines (pipes) and flex hoses down to the brake calipers at each wheel. With hydraulics, the brake fluid causes the caliper, which houses two brake pads, to squeeze against the spinning rotor at each wheel. The clamping action of the brake caliper and brake pad creates friction and slows the vehicle. Some vehicles have drum brakes. When the brake pedal is pushed, a brake wheel cylinder piston pushes the brake shoes against the brake drum.

Through use, the brake pad friction material and the surface of the rotor wear and need to be replaced. Other brake parts need to be cleaned, replaced and readjusted.

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Chuck's Garage Lansing

5.0 out of 5 stars
- August 30, 2018

Chuck's Garage provides quick, accurate service. They were able to diagnose the problems with my battery and brakes, getting me back on the road safely.


5.0 out of 5 stars
- December 1, 2017

Left feeling like I was driving a vehicle that was once again safe and reliable


4.5 out of 5 stars
- December 13, 2016

Excellent fast service. I called late in the day (at closing time)for a brake issue, and Michael was able to get me right in the next morning. His communication was excellent and it was nice to have an assigned service advisor I could talk to for all repairs and updates. Thanks for all your help and getting job done right.


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